Fábrica de Refrigeradores Comerciales (FARCO)

FARCO was established in 1980 west of Santo Domingo in the Haina Industrial Zone, with its primary objective being to manufacture and distribute commercial refrigeration equipment


The company was founded by Mr. William Fogel of the Fogel Commercial Refrigerator Company (FOGEL) based in Philadelphia. FOGEL is a trusted and long-standing name in the American commercial refrigeration industry with manufacturing experience dating back to 1899. Mr. Fogel expanded operations to Latin America in the 1960s and 70s, forging strategic alliances with local partners to start factories in Dominican Republic , Puerto Rico and Nicaragua (which later moved to Guatemala).

Currently, FARCO holds a dominant position in the Dominican market, providing the institutional food service industry with refrigeration equipment for bars, restaurants and industrial kitchens.  FARCO’s products form an integral part of the distribution chain for food and beverage brands, offering refrigeration products designed to properly exhibit and conserve products at the point-of-sale. The company also serves international markets, exporting its products throughout the region.


We generate value by offering innovative commercial refrigeration products and services through continuous investment in human resources and technological capabilities that allow us to exceed our customer’s expectations based on a work ethic focused on excellence.


Vision: Maintain our leadership in refrigeration solutions in the Dominican Republic, with a massive and permanent presence at the regional level and in other international markets.



At FARCO, we have implemented an integrated quality management system through which we ensure that our development, manufacturing, and commercialization processes are in compliance with international quality standard requirements and are focused on guaranteeing product quality and client satisfaction.

Our integrated Quality Management System complies with the following International standards: ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC) International Norm and Standards, and Dominican Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 522-06.

At FARCO, we submit our product designs to a variety of functional tests, such as:

  • pull-down tests to optimize refrigeration;
  • performance tests per ANSI/NSF 7 standards;
  • energy consumption tests under several standards such as ASHRAE 72;
  • safety tests in accordance with UL 471 standards, among others.

These tests are conducted in our fully-equipped Test Lab which has been evaluated by international engineers since 2001 and which is a participant of Underwriters Laboratories’ (UL) Client Test Data Program (CTDP).  Our Test Lab is audited annually under ISO 17025 standards to certify that our lab management system complies with the necessary requirements to maintain our CTDP participation status.

Integrated Quality Management System Policy

We are committed to generate value for our clients, collaborators and other stakeholders:

Our clients commercial refrigeration products and services that comply with their expectations and ensure on-time and complete delivery;

A continuous improvement culture and guarantee the quality of our products, processes, and services through an Integrated Management System;

Our resources and strengthen the relationship with our business associates through risk management and the prevention of illicit activities;

With all legal requirements, regulations and norms that apply to our company and industry;

In accordance with our values: responsibility, innovation, quality, service excellence and environmental awareness.


At FARCO, we are constantly incorporating new technologies in our products.

In the 90s, we pioneered the design of refrigeration equipment specifically designed for cooling beer, which has influenced consumer tastes and preferences at the local and regional level.

Recently, we have introduced variable speed compressor (inverter) technology and other components such as intelligent controllers and electronic motors that have led to considerable reductions in energy consumption. We have also adopted technologies to make our product more environmentally friendly.


Our company has always been focused on reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes and products.

We were the first company in the Caribbean to complete the Industrial Conversion Program to eliminate 100% of CFC refrigerants in our manufacturing process.  Since then, we utilize hydrocarbons (cyclopentane) as the blowing agent to produce the foam that provides thermal insulation for our products, a low-impact alternative to other materials.

We are currently converting all our products to refrigeration systems that run on propane gas (R-290) – a natural gas that does not affect the ozone layer and has minimal global warming potential.


We participate actively as a member of the Haina Industrial Zone community, supporting social initiatives related to education, health, and the environment, through our participation in local business associations and community organizations.